O for Organization

One quick innovation that’s really been helping me stay organized is using a dedicated browser for all of our project management, time tracking and calendar, and communication tools. I’ve been using Opera, since it’s not one I was already using in my day to day work. (more…)

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5 Reasons to Push and then Perfect

hand making OK gestureIn the past couple month I’ve made significant progress on multiple websites (including this one) simply by getting them live then putting in a couple hours here and there. These are the same websites that I’ve been avoiding working for years on because launching them perfect is such a daunting task.

If you’re building a new website, the best approach is to get something, anything up, then refine it over time. Here’s 5 quick reasons why:


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Confidence is like a Pyramid

PyramidsIt occurred to me today that confidence is like a pyramid. In order to be tall your pyramid has to have a large foundation. Also, when you’re standing on the tippy top of your confidence pyramid and reaching for the stars, you’re often balancing precariously on a pretty small point.

In order to reach the sky you need a good foundation.

There’s a few ways you can go about this. (more…)

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Death of a Hair Stylist: Lessons on Service

I used to get a lot of mediocre haircuts that cost $25 + tip. $25 haircuts are an interesting price point in that you typically get a much better haircut than the cheapest places (you’re not going to look funny) but they’re nowhere near a good salon haircut. It’s not going to be inspired – in my experience it will be predictably mediocre.

About two years ago, my boss referred me to April. (more…)

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